Ryan Kane

Hi - I'm Ryan. I'm a B2B technology writer for SaaS companies and publishers.My writing is informed by a decade of marketing experience—working for an agency, running a microagency, and freelancing.I specialize in B2B, marketing, tech, AI, and smart home/IoT.I've written for sites like Zapier.com, TheCXLead.com, and TheCMO.com.Scroll to learn more and see how I can help.


"Hey Ryan, this is absolutely awesome. I love the examples you sourced, and your writing is so clear, engaging, and personal—exactly what we're going for. Thanks for the amazing work!"Deb Tennen
Managing Editor, Zapier.com Blog

"Ryan was recommended to our organization by a mutual colleague and I'm so glad he was! Not only does Ryan produce high-quality work to spec, but working with him has also been a seamless experience with clear communication and respect for deadlines."Hannah Clark
Editor, TheCXLead.com

"Thank you so much for writing this article, and for providing so much value within it! I love it when I'm reading an article and a question pops into my head, and then the next sentence answers it. I continuously find myself nodding along to everything you write."Stephanie Hood
Editor, TheCMO.com

How I can help

I've written about B2B topics including:

  • Marketing

  • Technology

  • SaaS Tools

  • Social Media

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Customer Experience

Each article includes:

  • Extensive research

  • On-brand images & graphics

  • Natural keyword inclusion

  • Up to 3 rounds of revision

  • Engaging and personable writing

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